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Who's Who

Mr K Duggan

Mr Duggan is the headteacher and has been with the school since 2004. He has overall responsibility for the management of the school, and is the PIC and Fire Officer. He is responsible for liaison with the school Governors. His other duties include Staff appointments, Appraisals, school development, curriculum review, teaching and learning, attendance, admissions and exclusions. He is a school Governor and is the Designated Safeguarding Officer. He is Team Leader for Staff Appraisal. 

Mrs S-J Collins

Mrs Collins is one Assistant Head, SENDCO and KS 2 leader, and she is also Deputy Designated Safeguarding and Looked After Children lead. She is responsible for English in KS1, our library and is the Read Write Inc Manager and is a student mentor, ITT and BED/PGCE co-ordinator. She is a staff Governor and Appraisal Team Leader for KS2. She is responsible for volunteers in school.

Mr J McCann

Mr McCann is Assistant Head and Leads Foundation, KS1 and the Nursery.  He teaches in Foundation and is the Computing and Social Media Leader.  He leads Maths and Assessment across the school.  He is responsible for Online Safety and Leads the Digital Leader group.

He is Child Protection trained.

Mrs T Catterall

Mrs Catterall works in the School Office as Senior Administrator and is one of the first points of contact for the school. 

Mrs V Smith

Mrs Smith works in the school office as a receptionist. She is responsible for daily administration and supports Mrs Catterall with the daily office tasks.

Mrs L Booth

Mrs Booth has responsibility for Modern Foreign Languages and Learning in the Natural Environment. She job shares with Mrs Ferguson and Mrs Greaves in year 6 and works on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. She enjoys getting the children outside to learn and hopes to develop more opportunities across the curriculum for outdoor learning. She is teacher representative on The P.T.F.A. She assists the Head on International Schools and Global learning.

Mrs V Ferguson

Mrs Ferguson is class teacher in Year 6 and teaches on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 

She is the whole school Co-ordinator for Geography and Sustainability. She co-ordinates the Eco-Warriors, Composters and Litter pickers with Mrs. Brogan [MTA] and Mrs Crisp. She is co-ordinating History whilst Miss Riddell is on maternity leave.

Mrs J Greaves

Mrs Greaves is our intervention teacher in Year 6. She works on a friday.

Mr P Baxter 

Mr Baxter is the Year 5 teacher. He is the Key Stage 2 English subject leader and assists with French and our Residential to Brest.

Mrs H Lavis

Mrs Lavis teaches in Year 4. She is responsible for Design Technology, Art and Display. She also runs the 'Heroes Military Kids Club' for service family children.

Miss R Bulmer

Miss Bulmer, is a Year 4 teacher and leads singing assembly, Glee Club and is currently leading Music across the school. She is Maths shadow.

Mrs C Brinkhurst

Mrs Brinkhurst has been working at Victoria Road Primary School since September 2007. She is currently teaching Year 2 with Miss Bates. She works part time and teaches Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Mrs Brinkhurst is also Science and PE Leader for the school. She is interested in lots of sporting activities. She links with Mr Duggan and Mrs Spry on Sport festivals and activities.

Miss Bates

Miss Bates has been teaching at Victoria Road since September 2008. She currently works with the children in Year 2 on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Miss Bates coordinates Religious Education and also has responsibility for PSHEE, UNICEF Rights of the Child,  and any aspects of Citizenship in the school, including the Healthy Child Quality Mark. She has experience across both Key Stages 1 and 2.

Mrs K Rhodes

Mrs Rhodes is teaching in Year 1 and is shadowing SEN, and Art, DT and Display.

Ms C Christon

Ms Christon covers Leadership time for Mr McCann and Mrs Collins. She also covers PPA in classes.

Miss A Riddell

Miss Riddell is the class teacher in Year 3. She is the History, Fair Trade  and International Schools Leader, and provides MFL support. She is currently on maternity leave.

Mrs S Jacques

Mrs Jacques is our Learning Mentor and Parent liaison person. She currently works three days a week, usually Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. She is available for the first hour of each of those days to help with Parents and their enquiries or concerns.

Mr M Gerig

Mr Gerig is a Teaching Assistant in Year 6 and is a trained Teacher.

Mrs J Treeby

Mrs Treeby works in year 5. She is Numicon, SEN , NVQ 3 in Supporting Teaching and Learning and First Aid trained.

Mrs Fisher

Mrs Fisher is a Teaching Assistant, who currently supports in year 5 and has for many years worked in upper KS2. In the role of the ELSA TA, she supports children with specific emotional needs through group work. She enjoys going on residential trips to both France and Barton Hall. She runs lunchtime clubs which include Home learning and iPad clubs. She is a First Aider and Numicon trained.

Mrs S Spry

Mrs Spry has had 13 years experience as a teaching assistant and works in Year 4 as a general TA and 1:1 support. She has an NVQ in support teaching and learning ,  level 1 netball coaching certificate  and is a First Aider. She is Numicon trained.

She works closely with the PE co-ordinator, as PE Teaching Assistant, to arrange sporting events and also will accompany children to these events as she has a passion for sport.

Mrs D Yorke

Mrs Yorke  currently works in Year 3 as a teaching assistant. She is trained in Clicker 7, Intimate Care, Numicon, Motor Skills Utd and Read Write Inc, and has an NVQ 3 in Support Teaching and Learning. She runs Breakfast Club.

Mrs Petrie

Mrs Petrie works as a TA in year 2. She is First Aid, Intimate Care, NVQ 3 in Children's Care, Learning and Development, Numicon, TEACCH and Read Write Inc. trained. She runs Breakfast Club.

Mrs T Bennett

Teaching Assistant in Year 1 - working in support for SEN, Medical needs, First Aid and Intimate Care, Early Years. She is  NVQ 3, Makaton, Numicon and Read Write Inc. trained.

Mrs K Sandell

Mrs Sandell is a Teaching Assistant, working in Foundation- She has a National Diploma In Nursery Nursing (NNEB) (NVQ 3), Early Years Trained Teaching Assistant, First Aid Trained, Intimate Care, SEN and Numicon trained. She assists in the Nursery.

Mrs C Baskott

Mrs Baskott is a Teaching Assistant, working in Foundation- She has a National Diploma In Nursery Nursing (NNEB) (NVQ 3), Early Years Trained Teaching Assistant, First Aid Trained, Intimate Care, SEN, Makaton and Numicon trained. She specialises in Speaking and Listening/ Speech and Language and BLAST. She assists in the Nursery.

Mrs B Targett

Mrs Targett is Nursery Early Years Lead Practitioner and is a qualified Teacher. She is leading our exciting new Nursery and is Home liaison with Mr McCann. She leads the three year old room.

Mrs C Parker

Mrs Parker is our Nursery Assistant and is trained to NVQ3. She leads the two year old room.

Mrs J Lord

Mrs Lord is our Nursery Administrator and works 16 hours a week.

Miss S Catterall

Miss Catterall is an apprentice in our Nursery.

Mrs N Wilkes- Harris

Mrs Harris is our Kitchen Manager. She has won several food awards through Devon and is a leading light in CaterEd. Her awards are displayed around the canteen hatch. 

Mrs A Phipps

Mrs Phipps is our catering assistant.

Mr J Pluckrose

Mr Pluckrose is our catering Assistant

Mrs S Austin

Mrs Austin is our Mealtime Supervisor. She works in After School Club.

Mrs K Whear

She is a Mealtime Assistant, Intimate Care and Lunch Time First Aider. She works in After School Club.

Mrs D Brogan

She is a Mealtime Assistant, works in After School Club, manages the composters and Play pals. She is responsible for setting out the games at lunchtimes and for use in the MUGA.

Mrs S Wood

She is a Mealtime assistant covering first aid for Mrs Whear. She works in After School Club, covers intimate care and assists in Foundation.

Mrs S Belton

She is a Meal time Assistant.

Mrs L Crisp

She is a Meal time Assistant and works as a Teaching Assistant in Foundation one afternoon a week, and the Nursery as required. She is a member of  After School Club.

Mr K Smith

Mr Smith is our Caretaker and Sites/Premises Manager.

Mrs S Lester

School Cleaner

Mrs C Dunridge

School cleaner

Mr M Jardine-Irving

Matthew Jardine-Irving is our apprentice Caretaker.