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Parent/Carers MAT survey Results.

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Please find below the link to Victoria Road's Survey.

Again 20 questions are on the report, the ones which I didn't include are as follows:


1.Which school does my child attend?

A: 100% VR


2. I know that my child's school is part of Horizon MAT?

A: 69.81% Yes 30.19% No


3. I know where to find information about my child's school?

A: 92.45% Yes 7.55% No


4. I know where to find information about Horizon MAT?

A: 47.17% Yes 52.83% No



Parent/Carer comments in relation to remote learning:

The work is not significantly challenging enough and as a result we used Oak Academy and learning books bought from The Works or WHSmith.

School Response: It was the school which supplied parents with the membership to the Oak Academy learning as that was our agreed learning and all home learning was uploaded, marked with feedback on MSTeams/Facebook pages and class webpages where staff were able to talk to and engage with both children and parents. All children have access to quizzes and self regulating tests on Oxford Owls, Times Tables Rockstars and Accelerated Reader. All these programs work at the child's pace and learning as demonstrated by their answers and can become progressively harder if they answer correctly. The school also provided work packs across all ages and abilities which were delivered, could have been collected or emailed out. We have just purchased iXL software program in Maths and English which will be rolled out next term. If you do not have any passwords for these programs mentioned we can re- email it out if you ask the office. 


Parent/Carer comments in relation to the school or Trust:

There are a lot of different teachers in my daughters year 2 class, this is my only concern. 

School Response: We have a job share arrangement which has been consistent with the same two teachers over a number of years and these are both very experienced as Y2 SATS teachers and both are part of the Senior Leadership Team as KS1 leaders. They communicate well with each other and plan together, covering each other's PPA. We do have specialist coaches for PE, Games and Dance, which the children may have lessons with. A TA recently moved to the NHS so we have a new member of staff starting in January.


We are very happy with school. 


My child loves to go to school and enjoys learning. She's always struggled with maths but is coming on brilliantly now. 


I am more than happy with the school, over lockdown they were amazing! Lots of communication via facebook, teams and phone calls, I would highly recommend this school to everyone 


He's doing amazing this year but last year it took them weeks to notify me about my child's behaviour so wasn't given a chance to rectify it when it should have been done much sooner.

School Response: We are reviewing the behaviour policy in January with our new Hippo Time strategy which we will be rolling out to children and parents next term. You should have received a triangle notification letter and a phone call from staff as your child's behaviour had started to get worse.


Since joining Yr 2 my child has come on exceptionally well. I felt like he was being left behind and was genuinely concerned about his education. But in such a short space of time he has made such progress. I can't praise the Yr 2 teachers enough. Absolutely fantastic teachers. 


I feel the Head of the school goes above and beyond for those children. He is remarkable


Clerk to Trustees

Horizon Multi Academy Trust


If you are a parent or carer, we hope you will find the many web links below useful.

Access to Accelerated Reader from home during school closures