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This Term's Learning

Summer Term 2 - Our Learning


Our Topic: 

This summer term, our topics will be 'space' and 'travel'. For the first half of the summer term, our themed learning will focus on our planet, the planets in our solar system, and space travel. We will then move on to travel, where we will look at different ways of transport, and holidays. 



Physical Development: 

A range of activities are available daily for the children to develop their fine and gross motor skills. Some of our activities to support the development of fine motor skills include threading, using scissors, using pipettes and tweezers, pegboards and playdough. The children have access to bikes, trikes and scooters in our outside area. We will use both physical resources and outside chalks to create roads and obstacle courses to develop spatial awareness and physical skills. We will also revisit ball skills, developing throwing, catching and kicking skills. 



Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Our PSED learning varies based on the needs of the children at the present time. We have a strong focus on friendship and kindness. We regularly revisit our nursery rules and discuss why these are important to have. Towards the end of the summer term, we will be encouraging the children to share their feelings surrounding starting school, and supporting them as best as we can to ensure they feel safe and confident about this exciting step.





Communication and Language

Communication and language skills play such a huge role in a child's learning journey. We absolutely love listening to our young children talk about their experiences, their ideas and opinions, their feelings. We support the development of communication and language skills through our teaching of phonics, singing and storytelling, 'talk partners', and modelling. We aim to provide a vocabulary rich environment in which the children can feel safe and confident to talk freely. 




We are continuing with our RWI group time sessions for our school starters. The children have really enjoyed engaging with RWI so far! Our younger children will experience a variety of activities which will help develop their phonological awareness. We will also continue to provide many opportunities for children to practise their name recognition and name writing, alongside developing both their fine and gross motor skills within our provision that will support early writing. Each week, we will have a focus text relating to our topic. Repeating the story throughout the week encourages the development of new vocabulary and storytelling skills. 




In our maths learning this term, we will continue to look at 2D and 3D shapes, reciting, counting and recognising numbers, colour and repeating patterns. We will also explore positional and time language, ordinal numbers, comparing amounts, and capacity. During free play, our maths resources and activities are available for children to explore. 




Understanding the World: 

Throughout the summer term, the children will have the opportunity to explore a range of activities which will deepen their understanding of the world they are growing up in. During our space focus, we will be carrying out science experiments such as a moon crater experiment, fizzing planets and melting and freezing experiments. We will also learn about our planet, the planets in our solar system, space travel and gravity. During our transport topic, we will compare old methods of transport with modern day transportation, explore floating and sinking, experiment with 'push' and 'pull' forces and talk about our experiences of holidays with our loved ones. 



Expressive Arts and Design: 

For the first half of the term, we will be creating Earth cupcakes and different crafts linked to our space theme. As we move into transport, the children will have the opportunity to explore a range of techniques to create art and models. We will also explore colour mixing. We will be looking at instrumental sounds within our phonics sessions, and we also encourage the children to explore musical instruments freely, to express their ideas and emotions through music. There will be daily sensory activities for the children to explore, including playing with bubble foam, custard, coloured rice, sand, cornflour, slime and many more.