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 All classes are named after animals to reflect characteristics which help with our learning. We encourage our children to become Active Ants, Busy Bees, Curious Caterpillars, Fearless Fireflies, Eager Earthworms and Daring Dragonflies. Our Year 6 children are called Purple Panthers and wear a purple coloured sweatshirt as their uniform to stand out from the rest of the school. These sweatshirts are earned and reflect the roles and responsibilities that they have undertaken as "Top of the School" and represent their commitment to be leading role models.

Welcome Statement for Teaching and Learning, Ethos and Aims


At Victoria Road Primary School, we see that the teaching of children is an enduring purpose. Therefore, we promote their learning, development and achievement, hoping to instil a lifelong love and capacity for learning.

In our Vision, every child is valued and respected. We want all learners to benefit from high standards of teaching which support this achievement, stimulate creativity and promote wellbeing. Our Curriculum has been developed to enable children to experience a rich, diverse and stimulating curriculum which enables them to succeed and thrive in a just and sustainable world. Children have a right to enjoy, achieve and take an active part in their own learning. Teachers and support staff have a right to teach and feel job satisfaction.

We aim to work mutually with parents and carers to meet a child’s distinct needs. This collaborative working in the classroom and beyond will provide the best life chances for the children in our care. We build on the sound whole child approach provided by the Barnardo's Children Children’s Centre, which is onsite. Managers work closely with the school to provide effective links and services. Wider public understanding of what we are trying to achieve jointly means that learners benefit and systems allow improvements to be made, and practice to be challenged, recognised and debated.

Teachers draw on shared values and knowledge to make sound professional and ethical judgements on behalf of the children they serve. We recognise that our community has certain challenges, not least social disadvantage and lower academic attainment. However, this school has demonstrated a commitment to raising standards and our profile of trends over time is rising.

The Governing Body works effectively as a strategic “critical friend”, both supporting and challenging school policy, practice and improvements.

Victoria Road has a commitment to high quality Professional development, which is informed from Performance Management Review and feeds into the School Improvement Priorities. Teachers and support staff are committed to the development of their practice and knowledge. We support each others’ effective professional learning. We search out new ideas and respond positively to the findings of research by testing new ideas and technologies and making relevant adjustments if necessary. This is in order to improve teaching and learning. We also take responsibility for this in the context of our International dimension. We have links with Brest, China, and Uganda and our local and national community. This school community is an environment where good leadership is allowed to flourish, for example through the NCSL NPQH.

Victoria Road works with other Agencies such as Health, the Police, Social Care, the Voluntary Sector and Higher Education to share our knowledge and language about teaching, learning and child development. We have important links with CAMHs, the PCT, NHS and Safeguarding Agencies. We aim to have a consistency of practice underpinned by the Every Child Matters tenets and a broad, but balanced curriculum provision, as we strive to provide the full core of service provision.

Kevin Duggan       Headteacher 2019