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Science 4.5.20 Week 7

Science 4.5.20 Week 7


This week we will continue to explore light (look at our English section to find our more about our shadow puppet shows).


I would like you to use your observation skills this week. Complete the 3 science tasks and use the recording sheet to tell me about your observations and why you think this has happened.


Task 1- Look at the Newton's Disc video. Think about some of the new scientific vocabulary that has been shared. 

Using the instructions make a Whizzer Wheel ( a template has been added for you).

Use the recording sheet and video to help you describe what you have observed. 


Task 2- Look at the spectrum on the compact disc. Think about what is happening with the light. Write down your observations. Using the Rainbow compact disc video, see if you can make some rainbows of your own using light!



Task 3- Complete the Bubble Bowl Activity. Record your observations. Watch the 'Why are soap bubbles so colourful?' Now using your knowledge try to think about your scientific observations and why what you have observed has just happened!

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Task 1 Make a Whizzer Wheel


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Task 2 Compact Disc Activity

Why Are Soap Bubbles So Colorful?

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Task 3 Bubble Bowl Activity

Activity Recording Sheet

The 3 Little Piggies - Shadow Puppets Film-making workshop

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