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Science 1.6.20 Week 9

Science 1.6.20 Week 9


This term we will continue to explore light. 


Starter: Using the powerpoint starter questions, think about what you have already learnt about light. Answer some of the questions and count up your points!


Task 1: 

Mirror Writing:

Write a short message. Use the mirror to reflect it into the mirror code and then copy the coded message. 



Task 2:

Mirror Maze.

Trace over an up and down line whilst only being able to look at their hand in the mirror. Can you keep to the line? Why is it so hard?


Task 3

Mirror Multiplying

tape a pair of mirrors so they hinge together. Investigate how different items reflect in the mirrors. What happens if you open the hinge?



Task 5

Reflective Surfaces

Find as many surfaces as possible around your home that can reflect an image. What do they have in common? Which give a sharp reflection? Why? Which distort the reflection? Why?



Plenary: Write up your findings from each task and try to use some of the scientific vocabularies from the starter powerpoint. 



Starter Light Reflector Powerpoint

Main Task Support Materials.