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Science 11.5.20 Week 8

Science 11.5.20 Week 8


Starter:  Recap on what we have already learned about light. Show the 5 lives PowerPoint. Begin to think a little more about light. Where does it come from? Yes, something that gives out light is called a light source. Make a list of light sources, e.g. the sun, fire and flames, electric lights, torches.


Main: Explain that light is a type of energy and light sources give out light energy. The sun is by far the most powerful light source. It is a huge ball of burning gases that gives out light and heat. It is so powerful that we would damage our eyes if we looked straight at it even with sunglasses on! The moon does not give out any light of its own, although it seems to glow with light, this is because it reflects (bounces back) the light of the sun. Look at the first film clip. Were Boffin’s eyes light sources? No, they only reflected light from the torch. When there is a little bit of light, it is quite hard to see. Why is that? Yes, we need light to see. Do all materials and colours show up equally well in the dark? No. What sort of colours and materials show up best? Gather ideas. Show the set of different squares of card. Let’s predict which will be easy to see in the dark, which will be hard and which will be somewhere in between. Write headings: Easy to see on one side of the board and Hard to see on the other with space in the middle. Sticky tack the squares of card, either easy to see, hard to see or in the middle. Encourage discussion on why. Now we will find out if we are right! Look at the Task PowerPoint.


Plenary: Look at the BBC links try to use them to help you to explain your observations.

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