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Hello and welcome to the Reception class!


Class Teacher: Mrs Targett


Teaching Assistant- Miss Endacott


School day

Arrival between 8:35 and 8:40 via the main reception.

School day starts at 8:40. 

Collection: 15:10 via the playground 


We do a formal PE lesson once a week, this will be on a Friday. Children can come to school wearing their PE kits.

PE kits should consist of:

Blue/white Polo shirt

Black/blue shorts or leggings/jogging bottoms. 

Suitable trainers


We have a lovely area for learning where the children are able to access the classroom and outside area during child-initiated learning. We access the outside area during all weathers so please ensure that wellies and a waterproof coat is provided. 


We ask that you try and read a minimum of three times at home with your child and record this in their reading record diaries. If your child reads three times in a week, their name goes into our weekly reading raffle. 


We follow Development Matters, first of all focussing on the prime areas of development, before working on the specific areas and then the Early Learning Goals. Practical, fun and engaging task are planned for the children to access during their play and when working with an adult. 

Our provision

Term 1 2023


"Marvellous me"


This term our topic is "Marvellous Me". The children will be discussing their similarities and differences and all the things that make them special and the person they are, including family and experiences had. We will be learning about where we live and compare this to other places in the world. Please click on the topic web below for more information. 


This term we will be using the following books within our learning:







Topic Web - Autumn Term 1

Term 2 2023


"Let's celebrate"


This term our topic is "Let's Celebrate". The children will be focussing on celebrations and festivals, here and around the world. These include Bonfire night, Remembrance Day, Diwali, Hanukkah and Christmas. Please click on the topic web below for more information. 


This term we will be using the following books within our learning: 


Topic Web - Autumn Term 2

Term 3 2024


"Builders yard"


This term our topic is "Builders yard". The children will be looking closely at different materials investigating what materials work better for different things.  

We will link our learning to The three Little Pigs and explore what materials make a good house. We will compare the houses we live in and have a look at our local area at all the different houses and buildings. 


This term we will be using the following books within our learning:


Topic Web - Spring Term 3

Term 5 2024


"Heroes and Heroines"


This term our topic is "Heroes and Heroines". The children will be learning about real life heroes and heroines through Non-fiction texts, what they do and how they help us. We will gain knowledge of what we should do when we are in trouble and need help and have experience of talking to a real life hero.

The children will then learn stories about superheroes and their superpowers and have the opportunity to talk about the powers they would like if they were a super hero. We will design and create costumes let our imaginations go wild with wonder. 


This term we will be using the following books within our learning:


Term 6 2024


"All creatures great and small"


This term our topic is "All creatures great and small". The children will be learning about animals around the world from farm animals to African animals and polar and sea creatures.  We will learn about their habitats and what we can do to help keep them safe. For instance, what can we do to protect the ocean. The children will compare their locality to that of Africa, comparing the animals and homes in both locations. 

This term we will also learn about dinosaurs and explore the reasons for their extinction. 

This term we will be using the following books within our learning:



The children will also begin their transition into Year 1, meeting the teacher, support staff and environment. 

Curriculum map 2023-24

Topic Grid 2023-2024



In Foundation we reward children in many different ways for many different reasons.


The main way is with a reward chart. Each child has a 10 frame reward chart which they stick stickers onto. They can collect stickers for a variety of things and once they have collected all 10, they can choose a present from my present box. The reward chart then starts again. 

We have found this way of rewarding very successful and has even provided children with extra learning opportunities as they enjoying counting how many stickers they have and how many more they need to collect. 


We have also been using dojo awards which is a way of collecting points as a class in order to receive a class reward. Every Friday the child with the most dojos that week has a special hot chocolate with Mrs Burnett.


Wow moments. When children achieve a "wow" from us, they will receive a postcard home to celebrate their successes with their family. These are sent secretly so the children have a surprise waiting for them.