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RE 27.4.20 Week 6

This week we will be exploring the link between Bible stories and the concept of the 'Gospel' (Good News).


Starter: Think about a time when you have done something wrong, how have you made this better? Have you ever needed the help of another person?


Main: Watch the story of 'The Good News'. Begin to think about why Christians believe that the Bible is a sequence of stories leading to Jesus coming and final act. What Bible stories do you know? What are the overarching messages?


Using a piece of paper split this into 6 square pieces. In each square, think about the events that led to Jesus' Gospel (look at the end of the video clip- a quick round-up). Add some simple sentences to explain what is happening.


Plenary: Think about how this message is continued by Christians today. How is this shown through symbols and acts of worship?

God's Story: The Good News

Ready for the Good News!? Here it is: When we believe that Jesus is God's Son and that he died and came back to life to rescue US-we get to be part of God's ...