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Modern Foreign Languages are very important to us at Victoria Road Primary School. We believe that they provide a valuable educational, social and cultural experience for all children. Language learning can help support all sorts of skills that the children use across the curriculum; especially speaking and listening, social skills and self-esteem. 

The main language learnt is French. This is because of our close links with France, as a school and city, and because French is offered locally at KS3. We have a strong friendship with our partner school in Brest and a French trip for Years 5 and 6. 

In Foundation and KS1, the aim is a ‘training of the ear’ and we focus mainly on listening and then speaking skills. As the children progress through KS2 there is an increasing focus on reading and then writing skills.  In KS2 this extends to learning the phonics and grammar of the language and developing reading and writing skills. Much of what we do in the foreign language is based firmly on the skills development that underlies the rest of the curriculum, such as, listening attentively, picking up new patterns or memorising.


PML Progression Map