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PE at Victoria Road Primary

Whole School


During KS1 and KS2 pupils will work through the 6 key areas of the Real PE curriculum. Real PE is fully aligned to the proposed National Curriculum and Ofsted requirements and focuses on the development of agility, balance and coordination, healthy competition and cooperative learning. The foundations of the Schemes are based on Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) of agility, balance and coordination, inclusive competition and broader essential holistic skills (creative, cognitive, social and personal skills).




 Personal- They will learn about their own learning and start to challenge themselves, learn to try things for themselves and when to ask for support.

 Physical- Pupils will learn to move confidently in different ways.

 Health and Fitness- They will become aware that exercise is important for good health.

 Creative- They will explore and describe different movements and link movements together.

Cognitive - They will learn to follow simple instructions. With support they will recognise similarities and differences in performance.

Social- KS1 pupils will learn to show patience and support others, to praise other children and work sensibly.




Personal- KS2 pupils will learn to cope well and react positively when things become difficult. They will learn to persevere with a task


and improve their performance through regular practice.

Social-They will learn to cooperate well with others and give helpful feedback. They will help organise roles & responsibilities and guide a small group through a task.

Cognitive-Pupils will be able to understand ways (criteria) to judge performance and identify specific parts to continue to work upon. They will use their awareness of space and others to make good decisions.

Creative-KS2 pupils will learn to link actions and develop sequences

of movements that express their own ideas.

They will learn to change tactics, rules or tasks to make activities more fun or challenging.

Physical-They will learn to use combinations of skills confidently in sport specific contexts. They will perform a range of skills fluently and accurately in practice situations.

Health and Fitness-KS2 pupils will be able to describe the basic fitness components and explain how often and how long they should exercise to be healthy. They will record and monitor how hard they are working.


As a school we are creating clear, shared learning journeys in PE!



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