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PE 27.4.20 Week 6

PE 27.4.20 Week 6


This week I would like you to continue to refine your Greek dancing skills. Continue to develop the step sequence you created last week.


Starter: Using the Go Noddle 'Repeat the Beat' video, think about the movement of arm and legs and coordinate with others movements.



Main: Remind yourself about the Greek dancing from the previous weeks. You might want to refresh some of your skills. Look at the development points below, think about how you can make adjustments to your own dance to improve areas. 


Begin to think about the following points;

# setting a start and a finish point

# sequencing steps so that you can repeat them over time

# make sure steps are in time with the music, you may need to adjust some moves

# keep movements strong, stretch arms and legs to make large and dramatic moments.



Show a member of your family your dance. Ask them to think about the points of development above. Can they provide you with feedback?


Please record some of your dancing. I would love to share this in this weeks 'Our Shared Learning' folder.


Extension Activities


Please try to complete either the daily Joe Wicks activities or use the Active 8 clip attached.


You can complete a cool down with Cosmic Yoga, which is also great for storytelling. 


Please upload and/or send across pictures and emails to

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