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Our Shared Learning Folder 20.4.20 Week 5

Ella's Greece Geography work 24.4.20

Kacie's Greek Food Recipe 24.4.20

Ella's RE work 24.4.20

Kacie's Mythical Creature 24.4.20

Poppy's Daily Writing Tasks 24.4.20

English Completed by Caleb- finding out about mythical creatures. 24.4.20




I have picked a Minotaur which is a mythical creature from Greek mythology . It has the head of a bull and the body of a man. The Minotaur was born in a maze and was fed human flesh.  In the maze it was made a regular sacrifice of youths and maidens to satisfy its cannibalistic hunger. The beast was slain by the hero Theseus. The minotaurs mum was the Queen Pasiphae of Krete.

Chase's Mythical Creature

Lucas What a Wonderful World

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Work by Caleb

One call away- Charlie puth makaton

Ella aged 8 singing and signing to one call away

Nila's Home Learning Pack work 24.4.20

Nila's Fraction Work 2 24.4.20

Nila's Fractions Work 1 24.4.20

Nila's Create a Mythical Creature Work

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Ella’s fractions maths work 22.4.20

Caleb’s amazing home learning from our printed packs.

Mia’s RE about her friend Ella 22.4.20

Rhylee is competing maths work 22.4.20

Rhylee completing some fractions learning 22.4.20

Chase's Maths Work 21.4.20

Chase's RE Work 21.4.20

Kacie's Maths Work 20.4.20

Chase Singing Makaton

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Thomas' Fractions Work 13.4.20

Wonderful world

Wonderful world sung by Ella aged 8