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Reminders on return 1/6/2020

Back to school 1st June for Nursery, Foundation, Year 1 and Year 6 only plus priority children from the other year groups [Y2,3,4 and 5]


Parents and carers, as we will do also in school,


  • Tell them that it is normal to be anxious and concerned returning to school
  • Tell them they are safe, secure and loved both at home and in school
  • Remind them to trust each other
  • Remind them that routines may have changed

          That they may have a different class base

          That they may have a different adult looking after them, teacher, sports coach or teaching assistant

           That they will eat in their class bases or outside and not in the school hall

           That priority children from the other classes are in the hall

          That there are no assemblies

           That playtimes and lunch times are different for each group

           That there is a one-way queuing system

  • Remind them of the 2 m social distancing rule and that they must try to keep within a span of their outstretched arms away from others
  • Remind them to behave
  • Remind them that there is a one-way system in the corridors, in and out of school and that they will have to queue with you in the mornings on arrival on the red markings outside
  • Remind them that they will see tape on the carpets in corridors and in classrooms at 2m spaces
  • Explain to them that they will have different play times, lunchtimes, arrival and leaving times
  • All classes will be well ventilated, with hand gel pump sanitisers, tissues, disinfectant spray, hand pump soap, towels and a bin to throw away waste
  • Explain to them that their bubble and square is theirs and that they should not move into someone elses unless it is free
  • Remind them that no one will be told off if they forget this, especially as we do not think that the youngest children can manage this
  • Explain to them that they are wearing mufti and trainers so that they can go outside for PE and play without needing to change but also it helps you wash their clothes daily so that they can arrive with fresh clothes
  • Remind them that sporting activities will not be contact games and that equipment will be washed with disinfectant between groups so they will need to be patient
  • Explain that they will be washing their hands in the morning on arrival, before leaving and before and after eating or going to the toilet for 20 seconds
  • Remind them that there will be only one person in the toilet at any time so they need to ask to go, and not leave it to the last minute. Staff will let children go immediately
  • Remind them that there is an isolation room next to the first aid room but they should not worry about this.
  • Remind them that no adult or child needs to wear a face mask, but that any first aiders will have face masks and some will have a face shield if the circumstances warrant it. These are both disposable and washable.
  • If you choose to send your child in with a face mask, they will not be asked to remove them if that is what you wish
  • In the first week we will have a fire drill practice for each class separately. There will be no siren only a walk-through practice
  • Reassure any child who is in Year 6 that we are planning to do end of school career events, and they will be able to sign shirts, autograph books will be provided, awards will be given and we will have a social distanced banquet.

There will be opportunities to talk and write about lockdown, their experiences of learning, new ways of playing and any concerns or worries that they have. They will be encouraged to express their feelings and emotions around missing their friends and trusted adults. Any worries or concerns will be communicated to you by phone. If there are serious behaviour issues, we will contact you to collect your child and discuss this with you. You will not be able to discuss matters with us in the foyer entrance or at the hatch, but we will arrange a telephone call back or an appointment for you to come into a room where we can use social distancing rules.


Thank you for your understanding and support,