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Music 27.4.20 Week 6

Music 27.4.20 Week 6


This is the last week to send your videos and/or rainbows to me or Miss Bulmer for our Music collaboration on What a Wonderful world. Hopefully you have been learning this at home and have already sent some clips over for us to use.


Starter: Recap Play the Beat, let us see if you are quicker this week?


Main: Look at the clip from the original Fantasia. I would like you to think about which Greek mythical creature this piece of music is about. Research the making of Fantasia, the composers and orchestra. 

Tell me what you like/dislike about the music. Type up a research sheet and send it to me, this can be done in whatever format you choose. Add photo's, pictures, links to different clips of music and I will share with your friends. 


Plenary: Recap the Makaton songs over the past week. Send over a video/picture to use in the school video. I would like to see lots of Year 3 faces!


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