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Mrs. Debbie Yorke


Please use this page to share your memories and condolences of Mrs. Debbie Yorke. She was an inspiring, passionate and exuberant member of our school community and will be missed greatly.


We would love to hear from you with some of your favourite memories or touching tributes. Please feel free to share this page with friends and family who might have their own memories to share. 

Mrs. Yorke Condolences and Memorial Tribute

Thank u for helping me u will be missed xxx

From Ellie


 You was apart of so many childhoods , made so many days of mine easier and full of laughter you’ll be deeply missed rest easy beautiful πŸ§‘πŸ’œ

From Heidi


 I have so many good memories of Mrs Yorke from when I attended Victoria Road. She helped me so much through my sats and she was always there when I needed someone to talk to. She always told me to chase my dreams.

She will be missed.

From Shania


 Well mrs yorke what can i say you was a beautiful person whom saw all 3 of my children through school and helped ne during my ta training.
You will be sadly missed by everyone who had the pleasure of knowing you.
The school will be very different without your beaming smile and tasty treats.
My thoughts are with your family at this sad time πŸ’”β€β€

From Claire


 Mrs yorke was such a kind hearted ladie and will be missed she look after my sister, me , my younger brother and then going on to look after my daughter who is in year 4 in school at moment her face will be sadly missed. Xx

From Stephanie

Mrs Yorke was a beautiful lady, will be sadly missed by everyone. She spent a lot of time with my children through the years in the school xx
From Emma


 I remember Mrs Yorke fondly, not only for her amazing baking skills, but getting the daily joy of sitting on the reception desk and listening to her read, write inc class that she did on the mezzanine level above me! She was magical! She made the kids learning fun and exciting with her little props! Loved listening to her read to the children, with so much enthusiasm and always remember her baking them little gingerbread people to go alongside the Gingerbread Man story! An amazingly kind and loving lady and it is so sad to think that She is no longer with us; but what a legacy to leave behind, having played such an important part in so many children’s lives.

My thoughts go out to her family and I send them love and condolences.

Sleep tight Mrs Yorke xxxx

From Natalie


We will miss her and she was a very nice lady, I will always remember her, I am so sad. 

From Julia


 Mrs Yorke was such a lovely teacher! She had taught me and all my siblings and was currently teaching my little brother Tommy. Always so kind and caring. Thoughts are with her family and friends at this very sad time x

From Tamzin


 Such a beautiful and inspirational lady. You was there for me a lot in school, always smiling, always happy never seemed to have a dull day! Heaven has gained a beautiful angel. Sleep peacefully Mrs. Yorke xxx

From Mikala


 she was one of my favourite teachers and whenever she saw me upset , she would come over and talk to and make me feel better . She will be missed by everyone xxx

From Evelyn


 What an inspirational woman i feel privileged to have known you Debbie, you did your job with such passion and drive. We would always stop and chat on the square and only a few weeks ago. Condolences to your family, friend's and colleagues at this sad time.
Shine and sparkle just as you did here. XXX

From Kelley


 Mrs Yorke was a lovely, kind teacher. She was always open to help, and I am deeply saddened to hear of her passing. My thoughts are with her family and friends during this tough time.

From Benny


 Still in shock from the news , I have know this lovely lady for 30 years like just everyone else , always had a big smile for everyone. Will be sadly missed.

From Michelle


 Lovely memories we will always keep, rest peacefully in your forever sleep.
A special lady never to be forgotten.

Sleep tight mrs yorke. A real life angel.

From Kobe and Poppy


 Mrs Yorke was always funny..she always helped me, thankyou rest in peace xx

From Dylan


 Such a lovely lady ,always had a smile and a kind word for Emily ,I am sure the school won’t be the same with out her .thinking of her family at this sad time ,love the Woodall’s xxx

From Lisa


 Still in shock from the news. Mrss yorke was one of my helpers in school as was Mrs hill. Mrss yorke always had a great big smile on her face and a big cuddle for when you felt sad. I was at school when Mr McDonald was head teacher. You will be sadly missed mrss yorke. You touched a lot of hearts and made a lot of people smile.

From Chloe


 Dear mrs. York
You have been the best teacher ever  you always helped us,look out for us and you always help the teachers too. But its time to say goodbye

From Gabby


Was such a lovely teacher, always seen her with the biggest smile, fly high mrs xx

From Lola


Sending condolences to mrs yorkes family.from kerryanne and kaidance Reilly. They say they remember her .

From Kerryanne and Kaidance


Mrs Yorke thank you for helping my daughter Ellie rip such a lovely caring lady thoughts go out to your family at this sad time x

From Leanne



















Rest in peace Mrs Yorke,
One of the kindest, caring ladies we have ever met , it’s has been a pleasure to have known you for many years.
Thoughts go out to all your family, Friends ,and all of the children you have cared for and taught at Victoria road, you will be missed deeply.
Heaven has gained a special angel xxx

From Chloe and Vinnie


I will always remember Debbie for her cheerful, sparkly infectious nature. Christmas time was a special one for Debbie and the 1st of December couldn't arrive quickly enough for her to be able to start her sparkly decorations! An inspiration to many, a valued friend and member of staff who will be so greatly missed. Sleep tight Christmas Angel ~ taken far too soon Xxxx

From Donna


Heaven has gained a beautiful angel πŸ‘ΌπŸ» today.
RIP Mrs Debbie yorke u was a lovely lady and neighbour to use in Victoria road,u will be missed by Your beautiful family,Thinking of u all at this sad time.😒 ❀️

From Sheena


I've known Mrs York from when I moved in my house30yrs ago can remember her walking by with the twins going up the grandparents house also from when chloe was at the school god bless her husband and children rip Debbie x

Mrs Eastel


Dear Debbie, I worked with you for a long time at Victoria Road, you were always so dedicated and full of fun. I last saw you when I brought down the Christmas tree down in December, I didn’t imagine that hug you gave me would be the last time I would ever see you. Sending love to your lovely boys Jack and Billy, Maisie and Rob. RIP lovely lady xxx

From Lyn


Debbie you were a lady who always put others first loved your family and children but what I will always remember you for is you and your children always had a lovely smelt lovely if fabric softener and I always have and always will think of you when I smell wonderful flowery perfumes.  RIP  Debbie

From Kay


Mrs Yorke was a beautiful lady, will be sadly missed by everyone. She spent a lot of time with my children through the years in the school xx

From Emma


Gone too soon, you was such an amazing women and helped me alot not just with my work but with my confidence and self worth too sending my love to all the family and friends hope you all doing okay she was such an amazing character gone but never forgotten my best days in primary was because of you and I will never forget that thank you.
Heaven has truly gained another angel you will be missed by all

From Beth


You were there on my first day, held my hand as I walked into the new school. You were there on my first day at breakfast club and held my hand as I walked into the school.
You were there throughout all my struggles and held my hand and you were there on my last day as we cried leaving the school that became our home and family for so many years.
I’m so grateful for you and all you did to help me, even after I finished school.
Thank you Mrs Yorke for being a constant support to me over the last 16 years.

From Abi


RIP Mrs Yorke you will be missed loads we will all struggle to cope without you but we have just got to remember that you haven’t left us and you are having a glass of wine with those close family members that we have lost !! God only does take the best and I know you will always be with me in my memories and in my heart!! Rest in paradise xxx

From Kaytlyn


Very fond memories of you Mrs Yorke through the many years of knowing you. I speak on behalf of myself and my children Ryan, Daryll, Gemma, Ben, Amber, Jade and Cobie. You have been there for them all.
My condolences go out to your family at this very sad time.
You will be truly missed.

From Claire


 I am so sorry to hear of this, I’ve served this lovely lady many a time in the co-op in st Budeaux, you will be sadly missed.. R.I..P condolences and thoughts are with your family at this sad time x

From Maddy


Unbelievably shocked and saddened at the news! Mrs. Yorke was an absolutely amazing person and will be truly missed by everyone in the community.

From Steve


Fond memories of Mrs Yorke .
I remember Mrs Yorke from teaching my son's and nieces many years ago who are all young adults now .
And then being Beau-lilys read write Inc teacher beau always said she had so much fun learning with Mrs Yorke's beau was reader of the week once and was so excited to tell me she had to wear a tiara and got little gifts and also little gifts for Christmas from Mrs Yorke. So kind hearted .
I will miss seeing her smiling face at the end of the day at the gates xx
From Michelle and Beau-Lily


May you rest in peace. Sending love and thoughts to your family and friends at this sad time. Xx

From Jane and David


To the one who taught Logan to love learning
To the one who always made him smile even on the days he wanted his world to end
To the one who faced so many battles with him in school but never gave up.
You were our shinning amour, our glimpse of hope. You pushed Logan to succeed and you never gave up!
You got him to speak in a class assembly for the first ever time. You were his voice and his ears when the world felt so strange to him
You made such a change in my sons life and I will forever be grateful.

I sat with Logan tonight and told him you passed away. He asked why and I said you were poorly with cancer.
These were Logans words

“But mum that’s sad, why couldn’t she get medication? Because that makes you better right?”

I explained that not every illness can be treated

“The world needs to find medication then mum. We should tell them to find a way to fix this. She was always super nice to me and she helped me when the bullies hurt me”

Autistic people may not show emotions but I know he will adore and remember you!

R.I.P Mrs Yorke ❀️

From Logan


Rest in peace mrs yorke , was such a nice  ta . Will be missed by so many people . Thank you for helping.  Rest easy beautiful πŸ₯ΊπŸ’ž

From Summer


Mrs Yorke, You made my returning  to work so much easier knowing my girls were in safe hands at breakfast club always making sure they ate something. You were always mentioned fondly in our house. RIP your always be fondly remembered .
From Kim, Abi and Lucy Gibson


Mrs Yorke was a wonderful woman who helped me right up until I left in 2015. She was sweet and kind and never failed to put a smile on my face.
She will be dearly missed. Xxx

From Mia-Louise


I can’t believe it. You were such a brilliant person and teacher we both really loved our school years with you. It’s very shocking and sad hearing the news. Sleep tight fly high your a precious angel πŸ‘Ό
You will be missed Mrs Yorke
Love Beth and Taya πŸ’”


Deb, what words can actually describe the huge impact you had and the wonderful memories so many have because of you.
Breakfast club with you, Kev , Pauline and myself was never work, it was a putting the world to rights, remembering past times and  seeing what wonders you had baked for our waist lines to expand on at break time.
You are loved by some many and always will be. xxxx

From Jane


What an inspiration this lady was..worked at school with her for 11 years and dont think I ever saw her without a smile... She just sparkled. She will leave a gap that can't be filled, my heart goes out to her family, all the staff at school ( because I know first hand how much she was loved), and to all the children at the school past and present.
I will miss bumping into you on the square and having a catch up.
Fly with the angels Debbie... sprinkle your glitter and happiness everywhere Xxx ❀️

From Mrs Grenney


Mrs Yorke was such a lovely lady, I left Victoria Road in 2010 and she would still smile and talk to me when she would see me in the streets. She was kind and caring towards those who knew her. She even helped my sister who is now 24 and my brother who is 27. She will be missed.

From Serena


She was my favourite ta teacher , iv will miss u xx

From Carter


Mrs York was a beautiful lady who inspired me, who was able to bring out a smile in anyone. I had made some wonderful memories with her when I attended Victoria road. Your beautiful face and smile will be missed my so many people, Sleep tight❀️❀️

From Shannon







































Such sad news. Very fond memories of working with Debbie at Victoria Road. x

From Susie