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Mission Statement


Victoria Road Primary School

“A school where every person belongs

A school where every person matters

A school which values learning and positive attitudes

A school which rises to challenges and celebrates achievement

A school which aims to provide opportunities for everyone to reach their full potential”



We aim:

To provide and create a safe, happy, secure and stimulating Learning environment which delivers National Curriculum requirements to all children irrespective of gender, race, culture, disability or ability, so developing lively and enquiring minds where everyone is valued.

  • to provide for the children’s spiritual, moral, physical and mental well being.
  • to develop respect for themselves, the school community, their locality and so develop citizenship to embrace community cohesion.
  • to encourage children to become independent thinkers with a sense of self-respect and individual worth.
  • to develop an understanding of the world in which we live, their environment, sustainability and the effect they have upon it.
  • to maintain high standards of behaviour by promoting self discipline and respect for the needs and wishes of others.
  • to provide broad and balanced learning experiences which foster high standards and enable any child to achieve their full potential in all subjects.
  • to continue to make provision for children with Special Educational Needs.
  • to promote effective and efficient management and administration leading to high standards of staff development for the benefit of staff and the children In our care.
  • to continue to develop sound links between Victoria Road School, the parents and the local community.

The Governors and Staff of Victoria Road Primary School have agreed that the ethos and aims of the school are reflected in the above Mission Statement:

Children’s Mission Statement: Agreed by School Parliament-

Our School is a happy place because the children have decided to listen carefully to others, to take care of each other, to try hard in their learning and behaviour, share their skills, include others and respect each other and take care of their surroundings.

The School Parliament is elected by their peers from the body of children and there are representatives from each class from Year 1 to Year 6. They have discussed many matters and had an influence on and impact around concerns such as- unsafe places in the playground, decisions on outdoor play equipment, healthy lunches and choices, quality of home-learning and the class learning walls and environments. They have reported directly in person to the Full Board of Governors. The children have an input on school decisions which have a direct impact on their lives and environment. The children elect a Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition and Ministers. They meet at least once a new term, and run and minute their meetings under the supervision of Miss Riddell and Mrs Collins.