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At the start of this term, we are going to be looking at Place value. We will recap knowledge from year 3 as well as develop our skills to understanding numbers up to 10,000 and their place value within this. 


We will then move onto looking at addition and subtraction where we will get to practise both written and mental methods for this. We will develop both our fluency and problem solving skills during this.



Next we will look at area. The children will learn what this is and how to calculate this. They will get to spend time practising how to calculate the area of lots of different shapes.


Following on from area, we will move into looking at multiplication and division. This is a really important unit as it will begin to help us with practising for the Government Multiplication Check towards the end of year 4. 




All of our learning in maths can be consolidated using IXL. Please click on Maths and Year 4 to find the correct units.