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Maths 4.5.20 Week 7

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Maths 4.5.20 Week 7


This week we are going to begin to think about money, finding totals and giving change. Hopefully, over the week you will build confidence using and exchanging money as we begin to work towards problem-solving using our skills.


Task 1- You can either use real or plastic coins from home, drawings or I have included some coins you can print out. Use the video clip to remind yourself of the names and amounts of coins. Using addition skills add amounts together and draw the coins into the boxes. If you do not have a printer, this can be done on plain paper. 


Task 2- Watch the video clip, finding change from 50p. This to help the children recap finding change from KS1. Look at the finding change powerpoint, answer each of the questions and place this on a piece of paper. Using the shopping target board (you can either print out or create your own), create your own money questions about giving change. For example, I have £1, I brought an apple at 32p and a ball at 15p, how much change did I get?

Work out the addition part first 32p + 15 =


You can either use column addition    32p

                                                          15p    +




or by partitioning    32p + 10p  + 5 p = 



Task 3- Using the steps from yesterday's task begin to build confidence finding totals more independently. Choose one of the differentiated finding totals sheets. Using a method from task 2 add totals and answer the questions. You may need to use extra paper to show your workings. 


Task 4- This task is a little more tricky today. If you are not yet confident in finding totals and giving change recap on some of the tasks from earlier in the week. Look at the party list and give amounts to each of the items (you can decide this). You have 15 guests at your party and £60 to spend up to. Think of different combinations of items that you could purchase within budget. Please write these down on paper to show me your workings.

Money Mat

Task 1 Making Totals

BBC Schools: Numbertime: Money - Change from 50p

This is the eighth programme in the unit "Money" and looks at Change from 50p.

School Shop Starter Powerpoint

Task 3 Differentiated money problems

Task 4 Party Time Problem Solving Activity

Cut out money coins


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