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As mathematicians, we will be deepening our understanding of fractions and decimals. We shall learn to apply this mathematical knowledge to understand percentages and find equivalents between fractions, decimals, and percentages. Further to this, we will deepen our knowledge of calculating perimeters of rectilinear shapes and polygons, and also calculate areas of rectangle and compound shapes. We will then focus on drawing, reading, and interpreting line graphs and timetables.

Times Tables


Learning the Times Tables is a vital skill which will last a lifetime. Therefore, please encourage your child to access Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS) for at least 30 minutes a week.


To gain 'Status Upgrades' and certificates, please access and play in the 'Studio' section on TTRS. Certificates are handed out weekly!

Parent's Resources


Please follow the link below to access work booklets following the White Rose Scheme we will be using in class. 

Parent resources | Maths workbooks | White Rose Maths