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First, we will be covering decimals. In Year 4, we cover decimals using a decimal point and then tenths and hundreths column.


By the end of the unit pupils will all be able to: 

1) Write Decimals

2) Order Decimals

3) Compare Decimals 

4) Round Decimals

We will then be moving on to look at money. In previous years pupils have learnt how to recognise money and add and subtract prices. 


In Year 4, the children will expand on this knowledge and then learn how to estimate money (and prices), convert pounds to pence and also how to multiply and divide money. 



Finally the term, we will be concentrating on time. By the end of the unit pupils will be able to:

1) Tell the exact time to the nearest minute. 

2) Convert 24 hour to 12 hour clocks.

3) Convert analogue time to digital time both 12 and 24 hours. 


Please work with your children to learn how to tell the time at home. This was covered during last year lock down, so the children will need your support.