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Maths 27.4.20 Week 6

Maths 27.4.20 Week 6


This week we will remind ourselves of the work completed last week on equivalent fractions, before moving on to find the fractions of amounts. 


Please look at each task carefully and access these at your own level. 


Task 1- Look at the video that discusses equivalent fractions, remind yourself of the work completed at the end of last week.


Using strips of paper from home make an equivalent fractions chart. A photo of an example has been included in the task for you. Please take a photo of this and upload it to Teams or email it to me at


Using your fractions chart, look at the Fractions wall and questions sheet, use the pieces to answer the questions. You can type directly onto the worksheet or send it to me on a piece of paper.


Task 2- Look at the video Finding fractions of amounts. This shows you have you can begin to draw a bar and then place the amount in the bars to find the fraction of the amount.


Look at the worksheets Finding fractions of amounts, choose one of these sheets to complete. You will need to draw your workings on a piece of paper. Draw the bars shown in the video to support your understanding of each question. Upload/send your workings and answers to me.


Task 3- Recap the video from yesterday. Look at the part where they move on from the pictorial representation to finding fractions of numbers. Remind yourself of the key vocabulary, denominator and numerator. 


Select one of the 'Finding Fractions of Numbers' worksheets and complete (you may like to complete some workings on a separate piece of paper). You should be able to type into this page and send/upload this to me. 


Task 4- Recap yesterday's learning, try to think about how confident you were answering the questions on 'Finding Fractions of Numbers'. Continue to use these skills today. Select from the new uploaded sheets or complete another sheet from task 3. Keep practising. If it helps, remember you can draw out the amounts to help you on a separate piece of paper. You should be able to type into this page and send/upload this to me. 


Task 5- Practise your time tables using the video clips and/or hit the button. Using TTrockstars and/or timetable speed test see if you can beat your own score. Let me know how you have got on by posting a blog/chat.

Equivalent Fractions

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Equivalent Fractions Strip

Task 1 Equivalent Fraction Wall and Questions

Calculating a fraction of an amount

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