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Our first unit this term will be place value within 10. This will involve counting forwards and backwards, ordering numbers and finding one more and one less. We will also be comparing different numbers and introducing the mathematical symbols < > and =.

Next, we will be concentrating on number bonds to 10. We will be focusing on part whole models and introducing the mathematical symbol + and -. We will begin to add and subtract numbers within 10 and begin to make number sentences. We will continue to focus on key aspects from block 1 - place value within 10. 

This block focusses on recognising and naming 2D and 3D shapes. 2D shapes include square, circle, triangle and rectangle. 3D shapes include cube, cuboid, cone, cylinder, sphere, cuboid and pyramid. 

The final block of the Autumn term is place value within 20. We will be building on our knowledge of place value within 10 by focusing on numbers 11-20. We will learn how to write numbers numerically and in words. Identifying tens and ones. Compare the size of different objects and numbers using the mathematical symbols < > and = and also identify one more and one less of a given number.