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Maths 11.5.20 Week 8

Maths 11.5.20 Week 8


This week we will be using our coin and money knowledge from last week to help us solve word problems. Look at each task, powerpoint and video carefully to help you understand how to use addition and subtraction steps to help you solve problems


Task 1- Look at the problem-solving Powerpoint. Use each slide to explore the key vocabulary shared. Think about how you can solve each step. Use a piece of paper to help you show your workings. Choose one of the 3 differentiated money sheets to complete. Recap the addition and subtraction strategies from last week.


Task 2- Look at the converting money video. Think about the value of £'s and pence. Make sure you have a good understanding of this before you carry on with the rest of the tasks. If you need to recap this take time at this point to recap and use real coins to support your understanding. When you are feeling confident, use the converting money sheet and answer some of the questions.


Task 3- Using your knowledge about converting pounds and pence begin to use this to help you solve questions. Remember to highlight any key vocabulary to help you. You will need extra paper to help you with your workings. 


Task 4- Use the powerpoint to help you think about different ways to make £1. Consolidate your problem-solving knowledge by following the powerpoint and answering some of the questions. Use the converting pounds and pence sheet.


Task 5- This builds on Task 4's session. Choose to recap the converting sheet from the previous task or use the extension sheet (Task 5) to work independently. 

Maths- Measurement: Converting between pounds (£) and pence (p)

Task 1 Money Problems Powerpoint

Task 2 Converting Money Sheet

Task 3 Pounds and Pence Problem Solving

Task 4 Converting Pounds and Pence Powerpoint

Task 4 Converting Pounds and Pence worksheet

Task 5 Converting Pounds and Pence