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Home Learning Policy

Adjustments to Remote Learning Policy during a child isolating or shielding. 

  • Children who are self-isolating from the second day of NHS track and trace or who are under shielding due to being critically extremely vulnerable will receive Home learning through MS Teams or hard copy. Office staff will alert staff that the child is an X on the register and class staff, provided there are no other teachers shielding or self-isolating, will post Home Learning on MS Teams and text out a reminder to parents/carers. A follow-up phone call will be made. If there is no access at home to MSTeams staff will prepare a hard copy which will be mailed out if the parents cannot send in a representative to collect from school. Shielding staff will undertake the planning, access to and marking of home learning across the school. This needs careful communication and liaison with any jobshares, class teachers, students or regular cover.

  • Every Monday morning a version of the planning sheet for the week will be uploaded to MS Teams to indicate topics and what is being taught in school by every year groups . This will give parents an indication of what is being covered.  A text or reminder email will be sent to parents.  

  • SEND and Vulnerable children will be tracked if off school-The Virtual School and Social Care are to be informed if parents are not engaging with home learning, who will also update us from LA and EWO services. Evidence will be posted on CPOMs of what we are doing. Records of engagement etc will be kept on MSTeams. 

  • For children shielding or CEV without sufficient device, The ICT subject Leader will contact the Rotary Charity which is supplying PCs/Laptops. The Ht is to contact DFE if a whole bubble needs to be sent home due to quarantining. 

  • SLT will intervene and phone non engaging families if class/admin staff have had no success in communication by email. text , telephone or MS Teams. 

  • The DfE are not expecting a dual education system whilst teachers are in school teaching. If a parent choses to keep their child off, this will be unauthorised and there will be no expectation of learning unless absent is due to a medical need, in which case the absence will be authorised and home learning set. The only accepted medical need is shielding or self-isolating. If a child is sick, there will be learning offered but children will not be expected to engage fully and parents will not be held accountable. In the same way, if staff are off sick, they will not be expected to work from home.

  • FSM grant and a grant of a healthy food box will continue for Halfterm and December holidays-through local charities and CATERed. 

  • If a shielding child or self-isolating child is also FSM, then a weekly hamper will be offered to the family to collect or have it delivered. This is in line with CATERed agreement.