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Geography 27.4.20 Week 6

Geography 27.4.20 Week 6


This week we will continue to explore Greece and its geographical features. This week we are focusing on exploring the Greek climate.


Starter: Use the met office (link included) to look at the temperature of Athens today.  Do the same for Plymouth.  What’s the difference? Look at other comparisons across the world. Make a note of these and some comparative sentences (can be completed on paper or using word).


Main: Using a copy of average temperatures for each month for Athens draw a bar chart and plot the temps for each month ( we completed a unit about bar charts last term in maths. I have added a reminder video to help you).  Remember to think about scale. Don't worry if you don't have grided paper just try your best to draw it to scale making comparisons. For those who have printers, I have included some grided paper to print off. 



Research the average temperatures of Plymouth and plot this alongside. 


Plenary: Answer the questions linked to the bar chart findings.

Graph paper

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