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Geography 20.4.20 Week 5

Geography 20.4.20- Week 5


This week we will continue to think about the features of modern-day Greece. This week I would like you to be able to locate Greece on a map and label key features.


Starter: Think about what you have learnt about Greece so far. Write down the key facts you have found out.


Main: Think about/research the following questions;


  • where in the world is it?  What continent?
  • What does the flag look like?
  • What currency do they use?
  • What’s the weather like?
  • What seas/countries surround it?
  • What’s it famous for?
  • What’s the capital city?


Visit Google Earth and slowly zoom in (link below) – how does it compare in size to the UK?  As we get closer, what do they notice (lots of islands)?  Choose a few places to visit. Make a list of the different terrains – coast/country/mountain and make a list of places that are located here, make sure you visit Mount Olympus and Athens. 


Choose 5 different places, choose adjectives to describe each place.


Using an atlas (either online or a book), and a template of Greece (below), carry out labelling bordering countries, surrounding seas. Using the map, plot on Athens and Mount Olympus and name some of the larger surrounding islands.

If you are unable to print off the map, I would love to see some hand-drawn examples. Please be creative, this can be done in chalk, paint or on your computer.


Plenary: Ask your friends a research question, write this down, send a short video asking a question for others to research an area of interest!


Remember to send any learning to, so we can share this with your friends. 

Geography Week 5 Locating Greece on a map

Template map of Greece.