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Geography 11.5.20 Week 8

Geography 11.5.20 Week 8


This week we will be completing our work researching Greek geography.


Starter: Look at the pictures of Greece in the powerpoint. Think about what you can see. describe to someone what you think it might be like visiting these places.


Main: Using the 'visit' Greece video think about being on holiday. What kinds of things would you be doing. What would you write home about? Using the postcard template. Imagine you are visiting Greece, write a postcard home about your adventures. 


Plenary: Design the front of your own postcard. Remember to captures to bright blue colours and the little white houses. I will look forward to seeing your designs.

Greece Pictures Powerpoint

Visit Greece | Dodecanese

Dodecanese Islands | Crystal clear waters, sandy or pebbly beaches, important archaeological finds, imposing Byzantine & medieval monuments and unique tradit...

Visit Greece | Lesvos Island

Pack your Bags. We are off to Lesvos! Enjoy your stay in Lesvos :-)