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English 4.5.11 Week 7

English 4.5.20 Week 7


This week we will be pulling together all of the information and creativity we have created around myths. We will begin to create our own stories using our mythological creatures and settings. Linked to science, we will begin to create our own puppet theatres in preparation for a shadow puppet show next week (see science examples last week).


Task 1- Think about the work you have previously completed thinking about mythological creatures and settings. Use the creatures and setting you have explored to begin to create your own story. Answer the questions using the task 1 sheet to begin to sequence what will happen in your story.


Task 2- Look at the storyboard examples think about how they are set out. Using the answers from task 1 begin to create a storyboard for your own story. You will need to add plenty of details, as this will form the script for your shadow puppet show (next week).


Task 3- Linked to science. Last week in science we looked at light and shadow puppets. We will be linking this to our Greek myths and we will be making a shadow puppet theatre! For this task to begin, follow the 'how-to instructions' for your theatre. We will be making this in steps over the next week, so please do not rush ahead.


Task 4- Use the 'how-to decorate' your theatre step guidance. Recap your storyboard, talk this through with an adult. Begin to make notes on a script. Write down on a piece of paper, what characters might say.

Example of Greek myth storyboard

Task 1 Ingredients of a myth questions

Task 2 Storyboard Template 1

Task 2 Storyboard template 2

Task 2 Example of Greek Stroyboard

Task 4 Design and Decorate Theatre Box