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Our writing outcomes for the term.

As writers, we will be learning, practising, and consolidating our English skills and knowledge through looking at different stories from other cultures. From this, we will unpick the stories and recognise the key features. We will then, using these key features, develop, create, and write our own fiction tale incorporating a quest, tension, and suspense. In the latter part of Spring Term 2, we will focus upon our SPAG skills.



Class Reader

Guided Reading

In our guided reading sessions, all of the children will read a range of texts (fiction, non-fiction, and poetry) whilst answering questions using the following reading skills:


1. Vocabulary understanding;

2. Inference;

3. Predicting;

4. Explaining;

4. Retrieval;

5. Summarising;

6. Commentating on the text;

7. Understanding the author. 


Please explore these questions with your children whilst reading at home, and ask them about the skills they are learning each week in school. 

Independent Reading

Every day the children are given the opportunity to read their current Accelerated Reading book. This book is chosen from the school library according to the child's ZPD result. Once the children are confident they have read the book, they can take a quiz in school - first thing in the morning. This will test the children on what they have read and give them a pass percentage score. Children at Victoria Road Primary School are expected to achieve 80% or more - which is considered a pass. Furthermore, in order to 'move up' the challenge ladder, children have to achieve x5 passes on each decimal level.


If you have any questions about Accelerated Reader and taking a quiz, please feel free to speak to us or if you prefer, send me an email.  Happy reading!