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This term, we will be writing our own diary extracts based on our pirate adventures to find buried treasure. Lets hope it is plain sailing for you all and no pirates try to sabotage your journey. 



Guided Reading

In our guided reading sessions, all of the children will read a range of extended texts whilst answering questions using the following reading skills. 


1. Vocabulary understanding.

2. Inference

3. Predicting.

4. Retrieval

5. Summarising.

6. Commentating on the text.

7. Understand the author. 


Please explore these questions with your children, ask them what 'Reading Dog' we are specialising on each week. 

Independent Reading

Every day the children are given the opportunity to read their current Accelerated Reading book. This book is chosen from the school library according to the child's ZPD result. Once the children are confident they have read the book they can take a quiz, using the link below. This will test the children on what they have read and give them a pass percentage. Children in Year 5 are expected to score 70% or higher. If this score is not achieved all children are given the opportunity to re-read the book and take another quiz.


If you have any questions about Accelerated Reader and taking a quiz please refer to your child's 'Home Learning Booklet' or send me an email.