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English 27.4.20 Week 6

English 27.4.20 Week 6


This week we are going to be thinking about describing mythical settings and some of the skills we can use to help us complete this. This week we will be thinking about our senses, similes and synonyms.


Task 1- Think about your 5 senses, this often tells you a lot about the setting. Look at the picture of the scene. Complete the sentences by typing into the document. Try to add lots of description to make your sentences interesting.


Task 2- Look at the video tutorial thinking about similes. On a piece of paper try to think of your own similes. Work with someone else and see if they can complete your simile for example 'A fierce as a....'


Using the picture of the scene-setting, try to complete some of the sentences thinking about similes. You can type directly into the document. 


Task 3- Look at the scene-setting, talk about it with a member of your family or a friend. What can you see or describe? Using the 5 key prompts around the picture write about the scene, try to use lots of adjectives. 



For those children wishing to extend their writing, try to write a few paragraphs. Think about how you would separate your writing. Refer back to last weeks PowerPoint about paragraphs. 


Task 4- Look at the video about synonyms. Try to write some examples of your own down. Use an online or home thesaurus to help you find alternatives to the words shown.

Write 5 sentences about the setting using the words you have found. You can type into this document. 


Task 5- This is an extended writing task and provides you with the opportunity to apply all of the skills learnt this week. You can write a paragraph about the scene or begin to create a mythical adventure. Use the prompts in the stars.

Also think about key features of Year 3 writing, paragraphs, fronted adverbials and punctuation.


Good luck and I will enjoy reading your writing this week.

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