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English 20.4.20 Week 5

English 20.4.20- Week 5


This week we will continue to think about our English topic Greek Mythology. Last week you were asked to find out about what elements are included in a myth. This week we will be focusing on mythological creatures. 


Task 1: Recap the PowerPoint from last week 'The ingredients of a myth'. Focus on mythical creatures. Using google, books, others knowledge, research mythical creatures. Make a fact file about 3 that interest you. 


Task 2: Look at the 'Mythical Creature' PowerPoint.  Think about each creature and what makes them unique. Complete the 'Quest' at the end of the PowerPoint, writing a description of one of the creatures. You can share this by sending me an email so that your friends can try and guess which creature you have described. 


Task 3: Look at the 'Create a mythical creature' PowerPoint (sorry for the bad drawing). Have a go at creating your own mythical creatures. Colour, draw and even label them with features. Please share these with me. Think of a name, where you create might live. What happened to your create, did one of the Gods seek revenge on them, like Medusa?


Task 4: Use the Word Bank. Read the description of Medusa. Think about how you can use this template to create a description of your own mythical creature. Create some 'Talk for Writing' actions to explain what your mythical creature may look like. Any videos of this can be shared and uploaded!


Task 5: Using your talk for writing actions, create a  piece of writing describing your creature. Think about how you can use paragraphs to break up your writing. Use a range of adjectives, thinking about describing what your creature looks like, how they move and the sounds they make.


Further activities

See links below


Remember to access the daily 365 pobble writing. 

RWI activities- including green/red words (rapid recall).

Daily reading (approx 20 minutes) using Renaissance Reading.

Listen to daily shared Teacher reading- orally retell stories.

Practice Year 3 & 4 spellings.

Ingredients of a myth powerpoint

Mythical Creature Powerpoint

How to make a mythical creature.

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