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WB: 20.04.20


This term we will be focusing on Playscripts.

Below are a range of activities you can do throughout the next 2 weeks. I have also attached some additional documents that may help you. The children will be familiar with these.


Activity 1:

I would like you to have a look at the unit cover (above) and write your own playscript. This will be a cold write. I don't expect you to know all of the features of a playscript but as you know with all units of work, we will learn these over the next 2 weeks. Send me pictures of what you have done. Remember to use your neatest handwriting.


Activity 2:

Learn a story map.

Here is a story map for you to learn. Can you guess what the story is?

Make up actions to help you remember the story. If you can, get someone to record you and send it to me. I will be able to upload them to this web page so you can see your friends. Only send me short clips though as they might be too large to email. 

Write down your views about the playscript. What did you notice about the style of writing? Did you enjoy it. Was it tricky to read out on your own?



Activity 3: 



We have been learning how to write journals. 

Miss Bulmer would like you to write a diary entry about your day. Think about everything we have learnt so far:


1. Think about how you start your Diary. Do you leave any lines?

2. Make sure its is in chronological order. 

3. Add fronted adverbials, to give extra information to your sentences.

E.g This morning, At 3pm, After dinner, Before bedtime, 

4. Make sure you use full stops and capital letters correctly. Try not to use the word 'and'.

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