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English 11.5.20 Week 8

English 11.5.20 Week 8


Over the next 2 weeks, the children will be completing their mini Greek Myth shadow puppet performance. This may take a little time to build a script, make props and explore how to record your performance. I am very much looking forward to viewing your videos next week. If you need any help please send me an email.


Task 1- Over the past few weeks you would have begun to create your puppet theatre. Look at the design and decorate sheet. Complete decorating and creating your puppet theatre using the guidance. Please take a picture of your theatre to share.


Task 2-You will need to create your shadow puppets for your performance. Look back at last weeks task, setting out characters and props.  Take another look at the extract of The Three Little Piggies to remind yourselves of what a shadow play involves. In the play, the puppets cast shadows on a screen, but what are shadows? Gather ideas, link this to your science knowledge, they are caused when a beam of light is blocked by an object.  Look at the video of Shadow Puppet tutorial. 


Task 3 & 4- Write your script for your puppet play. Ask members of your family to help you think about the character's voice. Rehearse this several times so that you are confident when retelling your story (your task next week is to record and present this).


Task 5- Complete daily writing tasks (pobble 365) look at the different writing tasks. Try to choose at least 3 and complete these over the week. 

The 3 Little Piggies - Shadow Puppets Film-making workshop

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