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Online Safety




At Victoria Road Primary School we take care to educate our students on online safety issues; teaching them the appropriate behaviours and critical thinking skills to enable them to remain both safe and legal when using the internet and related technologies in and beyond the context of the classroom.


With the ever evolving world of technology and constant introduction of new emerging technologies e-safety, now known as online safety, is a key aspect of school life embedded across our curriculum. Our students are taught how to behave responsible and safely whilst online during dedicated lessons throughout the year for example in ICT and Computing & Citizenship, with cross-curricular references in a range of other subjects. We use 1Decision and our RSE programme to cover cyberbullying, sexting and other potential aspects of harm on the world wide net and through mobile technologies.


In addition to this, times are dedicated throughout the year towards whole-school online-safety initiatives such as e-safety based assemblies/Safer Internet Day/weeks and the use of our ‘Computing Champions’, in order to educate our students on how their online life affects them.

We know that it is our responsibility to work alongside our parents to educate, support and update them on key e-safety matters. Each year we run online-safety assemblies for parents and carers and  provide updates to parents on new technologies and advancements. There are also regular updates and helpful hints shared in our school newsletter.


Our aim as a school is to develop confident users of ICT, who are able to self-regulate and  identify  potential risks. We feel we offer a well-rounded and diverse online-safety curriculum which supports this aim. We have a dedicated Governor, Mr Dean Bennett who attends all meetings and liaises with the School Parliament through our Digital Leaders. This groups has influenced decisions on the use of Ipads, notebooks, acceptable use policies and the new Digital whiteboards.