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Design Technology

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Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.

Design is knowing which ones to keep.

Subject Leader: Mrs Lavis


At Victoria Road, we follow the 'Projects on a Page' scheme which ensures all of the key skills and areas are being taught in line with the national curriculum. This is split into five areas which are covered at least twice during their time in our school. These are: Mechanisms, Structures, Textiles, Electrical Systems & Food.


In addition to experiencing a 'Cooking and Nutrition' project each year, all children from years 1-6 have at least one extra cooking session per year with our school chef during the school day. Specific skills are taught in these lessons in keeping with the skills appropriate for their age group e.g. slicing, grating, heating, mixing & kneading.


During the design process, children are encouraged to experiment and make mistakes in order to solve problems and make adaptations to their designs. They are also exposed to a range of famous designers and inventors in order to inspire them to become problem solvers and innovators of the future!