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Summer Term 1


This term our theme is "Animals that walk our Earth".

The children will learn about the different animals that live on land. They will learn the names and characteristics of animals and when were they come from. 


 As a class we will be sharing many texts but our focus text this term is

"Dear Zoo" 



In literacy we follow the "Letters and Sounds" program and this term we will be learning about sounds. Those made in the environment, instruments and our bodies. These skills will provide children with the basics of learning how to read and write words.

Some of the school starter children will be starting their Read Write Inc journey which is a literacy program that introduces letters, the sound they make and how we use them to read and write words.  



In mathematics the children will be learning the following concepts:

Weight and height.

Comparing size and ordering.

Positional language.

More and less.

Numbers to 10. 


A day in Nursery

Children arrive and are encouraged to independently write their name. Some children overwrite, some copy and some are able to write their name independently. These name writings get hung above our writing table for all to see. 



Once all children have arrived we move into the listening room to welcome everyone, complete our exercises and get ready for phonics. Our welcome session includes singing our "good morning/afternoon song, singing the "days of the week" song, counting how many children are in Nursery and talking about the weather. This is also when our special helper for the day is picked. When a child is picked for special helper, their jobs are to state what the weather is like by looking out the window, count the children one by one and sit on the special helper chair. 

After we have completed our welcome session and exercise, the children are ready for their phonics session. We follow the "letters and sounds" program. 

After phonics the children all wash their hands and line up ready for snack. Children are encouraged to be independent at snack time. They butter their own bagel or choose their own cereal and pour their own milk or water. Children also enjoy a variety of fruits. 

One all children have finished snack, its free play time. Some days we open with Foundation, allowing all children from the two classes to play together in all areas of the Nursery and Foundation, inside and out. 

To symbolise the end of free play we play the theme tune from Mission Impossible and the children love to try and beat the music when tidying. 

Once the music has finished and all is tidy, the children are back into the listening room ready for a teaching session which is either mathematics, PSED or topic. 

After the teaching session all children wash their hands and get ready for lunch or going home. 

Good morning song

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Good afternoon song

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Days of the week song

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Weekly Newsletters


You will receive weekly newsletters that provide you with information on what your child has been learning that week and any important information for the following week. 


Please don't hesitate to contact staff by phone or email if you have any queries. 


Email: - Admin - Nursery teacher and lead 


Phone: 01752 365411