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Autumn Term 1


This term our theme is "Lets make a rainbow" where we will be learning all about colours by using, exploring and investigating. We will be learning the colour names, how we can make new colours by mixing and sharing with one another how different colours make us feel.


 As a class we will be sharing many texts relating to colours but our focus text is

"The crayons book of colours" 


The children will begin their literacy journey with learning about the importance of listening. Using their ears to listen to the sounds around them and exploring how different sounds can be made. 



In mathematics we will be concentrating on numbers and counting. We will do this by learning about a number per week. During this time the children will learn to recognise each number and understand what each number represents.  


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You will receive weekly newsletters that provide you with information on what your child has been learning that week and any important information for the following week. 


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