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A Typical Day at Nursery

Our Day

Our morning sessions begin at 9:00am, however children are welcome to arrive at Nursery from 8:30am if this has been arranged. The children are welcomed in from the Nursery lobby. From there, they independently sort their lunch boxes (if staying for lunch), and put their coat and bag on their own individual pegs. They will then be encouraged to write their name independently, using name cards and whiteboards. These then get hung above our writing table for everyone to see! 

We then move into our learning groups to welcome everyone. Our groups are split into our children who will be starting school in September, and our 2 and 3-year-olds who have another year of Nursery to go. We sing our welcome songs, discuss the day and weather, count how many children are in Nursery and pick a special helper! We then get ready for a short phonics session. In the Summer terms, our school starters will begin to learn RWI, in preperation for school. 

After our learning, we play! The children can choose whether they want to play in or outside. Both areas will be set up with activities relating to our learning themes. They can choose to engage with the activities set up by the adults, or explore our resources completely independently to create their own play. 

At 10:00am we have our morning snack. The children wash their hands, line up and walk out to our snack area. The children are given a choice of milk or water, which they pour themselves, and a choice of different fruits to help themselves to. The children then help tidy the tables once we are finished, and we have a sing song. 

After snack, we return to our play. At 11:00am we tidy, ready for a small group time session, either literacy (focusing on a story linked to our topic) or a short maths session. We then get ready for lunch. 

Our lunch session is from 11:30 - 12:15. Those who stay with us for lunch and/or all day eat their packed lunch in our snack area. 

Our afternoon session begins at 12:15. All 3 year old's who have consented to our tooth brushing scheme brush their teeth. We then continue into free play for the rest of the afternoon, with a short group time session at 1:00pm. Children who have come for our afternoon session only will be offered snack throughout the afternoon. At the end of the day, we share a story and get ready for home time!