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Year 1

Hello and welcome to Year One!





Class Teacher: Mr McCann

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Bennett




A big hello and a warm welcome to Year 1.  This term we are using all of our Building Learning Power skills to learn about Traditional Tales. We will be examining, recreating and exploring what makes these stories special and why they are still favorites after all of these years.


Autumn Term 2017


English – This term we will be focusing on Traditional Tales and looking at a range of stories we all know and love. As with all of our texts we will be using a story map to help us learn the story in order for us to create our own versions. There will be a big focus on simple sentence writing and using our phonics knowledge to help us with our spelling.

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Maths – This term we will focusing on consolidating our learning from Foundation with a focus on number recognition and mental strategies for addition and subtraction.

Geography – We will explore the area around our school and where we live.

D.T – We will be creating our own beanstalks out of different materials.

Music – We will be exploring instruments.

P.E – In P.E. we will be focusing on ball skills and how we control our bodies.

Computing – We will be focusing on what computers are, how they help us and begin to become more familiar with using them.

RE – Our topic this term is Myself


Home Learning will be set each week. Alongside this, each week there will be a set of spellings or Beat That Maths to practice.


If you have any questions about what your child is doing in school please do not hesitate to ask.  Also, if you would like to come in to school to help with reading or art activities, you would be very welcome.  Please contact me if you would like to do this.

Thank you.



Children have individual targets for reading, writing and mathematics.  These are discussed with your child and they are made aware of them regularly during their learning.  If you wish to know your child’s specific targets, we will be pleased to inform you of them.

Children, who have an IEP (Individual Education Programe), will have targets specifically tailored to their educational needs.  If your child needs an IEP, you will be asked to come in to discuss the IEP.



Set days for changing reading books are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  The class TA will check the home reading records on those days and if it has been indicated in the record that the book given to your child has been read, that book will be changed. If the record is not signed, it will be assumed the book has not been read and will be returned to your child and changed when they have read in school.  It is your child’s responsibility to look after school reading and library books and to bring them to school in a book bag, every day to support guided reading, independent reading and reading activities which take place on a daily basis.