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School Parliament

The School Parliament is made up from 2 children in every class in Years 1-6. These children are elected by their classmates to represent their views and opinions.


Class School Parliament Members 2017/18
Year 1 Brodie H F  Kasey N
Year 2 Oliver B  
Year 3 Kobe O Miley H
Year 4 Tyler A Jasmine D
Year 5 Joshua Y Jodie G
Year 6 Daniel P Lana M


The school parliament has worked on the school security and the areas where they feel safe or unsafe. They presented to the governors.The children help with decisions around the healthy menus, our updated travel survey and matters relating to the environment in the playground.They explain their role to the new parents at the Foundation induction day. For the coming year they will continue to work on the playground environment but also the learning environment and BLP.

The meetings are organised by Mrs Jenkinson but some children have been voted into ‘special roles’ and these children are responsible for taking minutes and chairing the meeting.