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Wraparound Care

Breakfast club

Breakfast Club runs from 8.00 am, and costs £1.50 per child per day. The children are provided with a breakfast if required.

Entry is via the main entrance and please note that children are not admitted after 8.30 am.

Payments need to be made in advance via School Money.

After School Club

This runs from 3.10 pm to 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday. However, as we need to adhere to ratios we may not be able to accommodate this every day so please speak to us about your requirements and try to book in advance.

Charges are for school aged children :-

3.10 - 4.15  £3.00  including  drink and snack

3.10 - 5.30  £6.00  including snack, drink and a light tea.

Charges for Nursery aged children (3 and 4 years) are:-

3.00 - 4.15  £4.00  including  drink and snack

3.00 - 5.30  £10.00  including snack, drink and a light tea.

Please ensure your school account is in credit before your child attends.