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At Victoria Road we understand the importance of supporting the whole child and their family.  We have a pastoral team who may work with children and families to offer support at school- in and out of the classroom.  This may include directing families to wider services that can support their specific needs.  

We are supported to use a relationship based and Trauma Informed approach to supporting children throughout the day for which staff have received training. Two members of the Pastoral Team have completed the full TIS training which is used to teach children emotional awareness and self-regulation strategies.  


Following a discussion with the pastoral team, it might be agreed with parents that their child would benefit from small group or 1:1 sessions.  


Our Pastoral Team includes: 

Mrs Collins- SENCo

Mrs Jacques - Parent Support Advisor and Learning Mentor

Mrs Jo Watts-Trust Education Welfare Officer

Organisations we work with

We have a long list of services that we work with or may suggest to parents and families to gain support for their child.  Services go beyond the list below, but these are some of the organisations that we regularly work alongside or direct families to. 

Multi Agency Support Team (MAST) is a service that we buy into as a school.  They offer a range of support for children and families. 

Mental Health Support Team the team offer a range of support including working with children who are experiencing anxiety, low mood, behavioural concerns.  This also includes parenting interventions.

Plymouth Options supports parents who are struggling to cope, feeling low, anxious or overwhelmed by their thoughts or feelings.

Family Matters is a charity which works with the whole family to deal with challenges such as bereavement, children with challenging behaviours or communication breakdowns.

Family Group Conferencing is a mediation service based in Plymouth which offers a range of options to support families in times of difficulty.

Plymouth Domestic Abuse Services provide practical, non-judgemental support, advice and protection for all victims of domestic abuse within the Plymouth area.