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At Victoria Road pupils are taught a progression of musical skills through Charanga Music School. The National Curriculum 2014 objectives are covered through four main sections of learning.

Listening and Appraising- pupils learn to appreciate, evaluate, share opinions and discuss a variety of music pieces whilst learning about style indicators, instrument indicators and musical history.

Musical activities- these consist of playing games, singing, playing by ear, playing from musical notation and focus on musical elements such as pulse, rhythm, tempo, pitch and dynamics.

Creating and Exploring- Children are taught to improvise with both instruments and their voices. They develop skills of composition and writing their own musical scores.

Performance- Children are taught to perform in both solos and as part of an ensemble with voices and instruments developing their fluency and control.


Key Stage 1

During Key stage 1 there is a heavy focus on the foundations of pulse, rhythm and pitch as pupils begin learning about a range of musical styles, the instruments used and the history of music. Towards the end of Key Stage 1 they also begin to consider dynamics, tempo and the structure of music. They begin to develop their performance skills using both instruments and singing.


Key Stage 2

During Key Stage 2 pupils build on the skills learnt in Key Stage 1 and continue to build and develop their skills during key stage 2. The children begin to focus more on the elements of tempo, structure, timbre and texture and begin to use musical notation. Towards the end of Key Stage 2 children continue to develop their skills in the use of musical notation and consider all elements of a piece of music equally. Throughout the Key Stage they continue to learn about, different styles of music, the instruments used and the history of music. During year 4, pupils are given the opportunity to learn to play an instrument with professional music tuition through first access music.


Other Opportunities

Children learn about a range of music and composers through music played during assemblies. They participate in singing assembly each week where the children learn songs with a range of themes and styles. Children learn songs related to topics being cover in other curriculum areas which are performed in class assemblies. They are given a range of opportunities to develop their performance skills at special times of the year such as Harvest and Christmas as well as the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities in both key stages.